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  NEW Location!!!!

Address: 1463 suite H Vantreese Plaza South Highland Jackson Tn. 38301

Email Address:

New Number!!!

Phone number: (731) 422-4223

Store Hours:

New Hours!!!!





Friday & Saturday



Welcome to our web site!

    We have more Magic cards in and more coming( We also have a new Magic Tournament/Judge who knows his stuff), as well as Battle Spirits, Dominion, Munchkin, and Dragon Dice!

    The Big News is we are going to carry warstone and will be a participating store and as such we will have a Warstone Battle Arena, provided by Duncan. Check out warstone at or check out the game information in our store!


    Also we will be having Reto-or-Recycle gaming night starting soon

We are your premiere Retro game store!

We are all things game related!

We are Crazy about All Games!

We are Game 'N' Sane!!!


We had the Awesomest (is that a real word?) December and Christmas ever!!! We were blown away by the number of sales and customers! We had to restock the NDS,Wii, Sega Genesis three times. We sold 13 NDS in one week! We sold 6 boxes of Magic cards and all of our Munkin, but don't fear more stuffies are coming!!! 

Customers have had nothing but good things to say about us. One customer said to us, "You guys are a true answer to our prayers"!  That is what we love to hear!

With an awesome December behind us and a new year coming we intend to bring it in with a bang!

We have hired two new staff members and may need more! We also now have a part time Security Officer!

We have a huge number of Tournaments in planning and they will be posted here in the next few days. 

Our Poke'mon League is really growing. We're up to 12 registered members. Our Bakugan League is also growing and kicks off in January!

Our Family Night s and our Clubs will return and kick off in January keeping back for our dates! The Arcade/Pool table are "Red Hot". On more than 6 occasions there were over 13 folks watching and waiting to play games!

We are closing our Vitner brand of snacks and going with Brim's!

I am happy to say our "get your game" list has fullfilled 13 out of 15 request for games and systems!

We are installing outside lights, a lit sign and a sign on a pole as well as New Huge wall shelves, to help better serve our loyal customers!

 We have to say thank you to all of you for your kind words and for your thoughts and prayers! God is Great!!! Thank you for your support, but most of all Keep Gaming and stay CRAZY about us and Games!!!   




This is where we say hello to everyone and begin by saying thank you to all of those who were loyal to our previous store, us, and of our idea that gaming is supposed to be fun!

So we are back!!! We're bigger & better!!!

                                                                              Bigger ?

 We have over 95 different collectible card games, a massive number of role playing books, an awesome arcade and hundreds (Yes! Hundereds) of new and used games!!!  We have games from Atari to Xbox360/Wii/Playstation 3! We even have more benefits than any other membership card out there! We also carry comics (new and used)!


Yes, better the first thing we hope everyone notices is the bright color scheme that we chose; which is to reflect the new attitude we will have in our store! We want to make it clear that we are a store that is going to emphsise what we call the "Fun Factor". It's about the gamers and games they play!

Our new polices and our new membership cards (commitment Cards...'N'Sane,Insane commited, you need to be commited...laffs) are even going to be much more geared towards making you, the gamer, happier!

                                                We even have Lay-A-Way!!!

Even our mascot is geared toward fun. His name is "Looney". All of our deals that are just too insanely low priced can be found in his section of our store called the "Looney Bin".

We feel that gaming in a brightly colored, fun filled, happy place is the way to go! Some will say we're nuts, or that we're just plain crazy. Well what better place for us then...for those crazy about games and Insane over low prices there's no place better than... GAME 'N' SANE!!!!