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Game'N' Sane Blog
Thursday, 22 October 2009
The Wait Is Almost Over !
Mood:  happy

 We heard the cries and pleas of those who have been demanding a different and better game store. In November (2009) we will be opening our doors to the public again. Yes, again, and no, you aren't going crazy. We have never been called Game' N' Sane, but we have been in the game store business before, and it was a very big success. It wasn't perfect so we are still striving and trying to improve. We feel our new store comes closer than any other game store to this idea of perfection.

 We came into the game store business over two years ago and brought a whole new idea to gaming. One we intend to carry over and improve on. We are gamers ourselves and game with our childeren on a weekly basis. I myself have been gaming for almost 30 years. I also love comics and trading cards. We are here for the gamers out there but, we are also here for the 'Family'.

 We have always provided and will always provide a safe, clean, and respectible place where those who love games, comics, and all things kin to "FUN" can come and enjoy. We are trying to improve on one area most game stores don't look at... Family.

 This means we will be bringing back family night, a time when at our expense you and your family(or friends or whoever) can come and enjoy hanging out together playing games. In a store free of the things a family doesn't need to worry about. We are a family owned business and we have 5 children of our own ranging from 18 to 4 years old. So we like to think we know something about family and family values, but we aren't perfect.

 We will be opening our doors to all kinds of gamers and will have money tournaments, as well as fun leagues of play ranging from ccg's like Magic the Gathering to Kingdom of Hearts, and Poke'mon League to Bakugan leagues as well. We want to also say we love video games and we plan to have huge tournaments from Super Smash Brothers Brawl to Halo. All ran with strict rules and strict codes of conduct as we feel this can make it fun for all to enjoy.

 On Family night you can come and play all sorts of board games, video games, and even enjoy our arcade. Then sit down and snack from our in store snack bar.

 We run a clean and respectible place of business. We will also be having  Free Christain Comic Day and even be carring Christian comics and Christain based games of differnt types.

 We know without a doubt that there are those out there that are what we call "Nae-Sayers"; those who doubt we can make it and that this idea of family dosn't belong with the idea of gaming. Then there are those who, due to our imprefections from our first attempt, will point out our weaknesses and those we simply say, thank you! Without you there to let us know we aren't perfect we might get 'the big head'. :) The truth is we need those who doubt and point at our mistakes because without them we might not know what we need to work on and change. And it's because of those folks we have made a lot of very good changes and will keep doing so.

We want Game 'N' Sane to be more than just a game store...we wanna be an experience!!!

Posted by gamensane at 9:19 PM EDT
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