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All Tournaments are subject to store rules and requirements.

Game'n'Sane reserves the right to refuse entry of anyone at any time to any of our tournaments. Game'N'Sane also reserves the right to change or cancel any tournament with no prior notice.This not our practice but we reserve the right.

Super Smash Brothers Triple Threat:

July 9th
11am: Super Smash Brother

2:30pm: Super Smash Brother Melee

5pm: Super Smash Brother Brawl


Entry Fee: $3.00 per tournament
Prize: $10.00 cash and $1.00 added from every entry fee



Retro Tournament: Halo


Entry Fee: $6.00 type FFA

Prize: $20.00, Plus $1.00 from every entry fee added




Magic Tournament: Type 1 Single Elimination

 Begins:  sign up starts at 4pm and tournament starts at 5 p.m. 

Entry Fee: $6.00

Prize: 1st Place- $20.00, Plus 2 Booster packs (Store choice)

           2nd Place- $10.00, Plus 1 booster pack (Store choice)

           3rd Place- 1 Free booster pack (Store choice)



Poke'mon Tournament:


Begins: sign up starts at 11am and tournament starts at 1130 am

Entry Fee: $3.00

Prize: 2 Booster packs of your choice and $5.00 store credit

Dragon Dice Tournament:

Begins: starts at 6 p.m. registration 4:30p.m-6 p.m.
Entry Fee: $5.00

Prize: $15 cash prize
double elimination 50 point armies no promos



Arcade Tuesday: High Score Contests!!!

 Every Tuesday the store selects a game if you get the High Score and it stands all day till close, you win $10.00!

You must tell snack counter personnel, who will take all your information, that you wanna must then choose your initials and once you're cleared, you can compete. If you get the high score and keep it all day, we'll call you to come get your prize!!!