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Lay-away Plans and Rules:

1.) Valid Tennessee I.D./ D.L :

We require your state I.D. Number and a photo I.D. must be shown at a time of opening the lay-away. 

I.D. must be in the person's name who wishes to open the lay-away.

2.) A complete lay-away plan must be filled out and signed which is proof the signer agrees to all our terms of this plan. Must be no younger than 18 years of age. ALL LAY-AWAY MUST BE IN CASH ONLY!

3.) The first lay-away may only consist of 1 item. It must be over 20.00 and lay-aways after the first one may not consist of over 3 items or exceed 100 dollars in retail value. No more than one lay-away may be active at a time. Pay off one and then you may place another if you wish.

4.) Game 'N' Sane is not responsible for any lay-away items that are damaged or destroyed because of unforseen or natural events. We may take every measure to assure your product looks the way it did the day you put it in our lay-away.

5.) All deposits are non-refundable. There is a handling fee of $1.00 added to all lay-aways except the members/ 30 day lay-away.

6.) The "Basic" or our two week plan is open to anyone at any time (It is within the stores rights to change this at any time or as the store deems it necessary). A 20% deposit is required at the time of lay-away plan being opened. Our 14 day plan means that you have 14 days starting the day after you place the items in our lay-away, to pay the item off. We place all items not paid for back on the shelf opening time the next day (the 15th day). You can not get your item on the 15th day out of lay-away or get a lay-away refund of any kind. The 14 days are 14 days (weekends and days we're closed do count as part of the 14 days) meaning 14 calendar days. No minimum number of payments, you may wish to pay on your item a little every day and this is allowed. If you fail to pay your item off in the alotted time all payments you have made will be forfeit after aloted time allowed on the lay-away. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON LAY-AWAYS!

7.) The membership plan. This plan is a 30 day plan in which is open to all members holding a 3 month/ 6 month/ 1 year membership. No 1 month plans allowed in this plan. The members not only recieve 30 day calendar days to pay for their product but only pay 15% down with reciept of payment may get their last payment refunded as long as isn't the pay off payment. All other payments will be non-refundable. No handling fee added. Deposits are non-refundable. These exceptions are for memberships only. All other previous rules and requirements stand.