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Anime & Sci-Fi Club

Anime Club:

The West Tennessee Anime/ Manga Club meets every other Saturday Night at 7 p.m.- 9 p.m.   Memberships are a mere $7.00.

What is a member benefits?

You get 10% off New & Used Anime and Manga merchandise; No entry fee to club meetings ($1.00 door charge for non-members) and a club news letter once a month. Plus discounts 10% on food and drinks during meetings.

What do we do in our meetings?

These are free form meetings, we do have a very basic agenda, but we are very flexible. We provide a free Anime movie for the members, and Anime soundtrack music for the rest of the time. Private use of the game console/ T.V. use is also provided. The Club President will provide other items/ business. Special Guests may also make appearances.

A costume cash prize of $20.00 will be awarded to the best costume!!! Come as your favorite Anime character!


                                            Sci-Fi Club

The Fan Club meetings are free & during meetings everyone in costume recieves 10% off food/drink/Sci-Fimerchandise. A $20.00 cash prize award for best costume!!! Sci-Fi meetings will be once a month.  It will begin at 6 p.m and end at 8 p.m.


Sci-Fi movie every meeting! Trivia Contest every meeting. Four random persons are picked to answer a series of questions; get the most points and win cash and/or merchandise!!!

Guest speakers may be at each meeting with little or no warning!

Let us Sci-Fi you!!!