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 We have the largest selection of CCG (Collectible Card Games) anywhere! (Near by anyway)

    We have a massive selection of Trading Cards as well for sale dating back to 1980's to the current date! From Garbage Pail Kids to Star Trek to Mage Knight to Twilight.

 We have a good selection of posters, comics, and all sorts of Rare hard-to-find gaming supplies, in addition to current items as well !!!!


   Our massive action figure selection contains new & used figures; some date back to  the 80's (good and still in package) to current date. 

    We have a massive selection of Dragon Ball Z merchandise ranging from cards,video games, and figures.


   Our store is also home to an instore Anime Club!!! A one time small fee to join and that's for a one year membership !!! Wanna know more check out our Club section.

    As you can see we are very diverse and are open to suggestions, just see us in store or drop us an email or jot us a note on our blog!!!


  We Buy, Sell, and Trade:

                                    "You'd be crazy to go anywhere else."

    What does this mean to us and for you, our valued custmers?  First of all we will be paying fair prices for any game item we feel meets our standards and conditions,which are in place to assure the customer recieves the best items and service.

Trade-in's are always welcome. We will guaranteed you will never get less than $2.00 (Trade-in credit) for any video trade-in (except on Atari games). Systems we give a very fair price which is based on demand, our current supply & condition of system. We buy, sell, and trade for controllers, memory cards, hook-ups, and ect.

For more trade-in credit or cash value, you can always "Get Committed"! Check out our Commited section. 

What Do We Offer That The Other Guys Dont...

  *A kid friendly atmosphere, kids welcome.


   *A massive number of out of store game suppliers and a network of other stores that have massive stock as well as our own massive back stock/supply storage area. This means if we dont have it, we should be able to get it!If we dont have it, we will do our best to get it for you, then contact you to see how much you wanna pay. So you name the price & we will hunt it up for you to try & get it for you. We will order it for you for only a $5.00 deposit!!!


   *Free gaming spaces, we don't charge for gaming in our store, you may play in our store for free. Our private room(s) are first come first serve. Our T.V.'s are open to anyone who wants to use them,(some rules do apply) for as long as you want or till store closes.


   *A huge in-store concession area for hot food/cold drinks served to you!!! A large menu and selections of drinks,candy,chips, and ect. So you can stay in the store even longer and get back to playing even quicker!!!


  *A friendly, experienced, knowledgable staff, willing & able to aid you.

     *One of the largest selections of games around!!!

     *We have over 400 new & used DVD movies, anime, cartoons, and ect. We also take Trade-in's on DVD's. Trade-in/price is subject to store policies based on in-stock supply,condition & other policy condition (No Adult/Exotic movies accepted).


*We also show in-store movies daily, so come watch for free!!!

     *A gigantic in-store arcade & pool table... arcade games are only 25 cents per play!!!

     *Official Poke'mon League sanction store, with official league meetings & tournaments every saturday at 2 p.m. with official sanction League Leaders & Gym Master.

*Large $Cash$ Tournaments and monthly & weekly give-away.

     *All of this and much, much more in a fun, brightly colored, well lit family oriented, secure store!!! We have a security system and cameras...we care about our customers, come check us out!!!

Win What You Spend:

    It's simple, name & phone number on your receipt and place it in the Drawing Box and once a week for a month, 4 times, we will draw one lucky winner's receipt.

 Winner receives a store credit voucher for the amount spent on the receipt or can cash in for 25% of the total spent!

 (Winnings based off of sub-total)